Hong Kong, Singapore Local Telephone Number / DID Number via SIP Trunk (VOIP)

ZONE Limited is a license telecom operator in HK and SG operating VOIP service legally in the city.

Advantage of Hong Kong DID number
- Call to Hong Kong is free of charge
- Receiving call is free of charge
- Enjoy the cheapest International call (IDD) Rate
- We can work with SKYPE, Grandstream and all standard SIP device

ZONE offers complete IP telephony solutions including IPPBX, IP Phone, IP Box and HK PSTN numbers. After registering HK DID number from ZONE, customer can use their own IP Phone / IPPBX with ZONE's SIP trunk.

China Local Telephone Number and 400 Numbers

In china, there is a local number similar to 800 toll free number. It is 400 numbers, ZONE Limited (www.zonetel.com ) can help you to apply the 400 toll free numbers and deliver to you via tranditional way or IP (SIP TRUNK)

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