Pure Storage - FlashArray//m

Pure Storage - FlashArray//m

Consolidate and Accelerate

  • Transactional and analytic databases
  • Virtualization and private cloud
  • Business critical applications
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure

Authorized Solution Provider

ZONE Limited
+852 8202 1511

Transform IT.

Who knew that moving to all-flash storage could help reduce the cost of IT? FlashArray//m makes server and workload investments more productive, while lowering storage spend by up to 50%. Dramatically reduce the complexity of storage to make IT more agile and efficient, accelerating your journey to the cloud.

Transform Your Business.

Make your organization faster by accelerating applications, increasing revenue, driving higher productivity out of staff and systems, and creating a sustainable advantage. FlashArray//m’s performance can also make your business smarter by unleashing the power of real-time analytics, driving customer loyalty, and creating new, innovative customer experiences that simply weren’t possible with disk.

…All by Transforming Your Storage with FlashArray//m.

Mini Size
Reduce power, space and complexity by 90%

  • 3U base chassis with 15-120+ TBs usable
  • ~1kW of power
  • 6 cables

Mighty Performance
Transform your datacenter, cloud, or entire business

  • Up to 300,000 32K IOPS
  • Up to 9 GB/s bandwidth
  • <1ms average latency

Modular Scale
Scale FlashArray//m inside and outside of the chassis for generations

  • Expandable to ~1/2PB usable via expansion shelves
  • Upgrade controllers and drives to expand performance and/or capacity

Meaningful Simplicity
Appliance-like deployment with worry-free operations

  • Plug-and-go deployment that takes minutes, not days
  • Non-disruptive upgrades and hot-swap everything
  • Less parts = more reliability