snom ONE mini
snom ONE mini

Low-power appliance for the snom IP-PBX

The snom ONE mini is the ideal telephony system for small businesses and home offices requiring a compact yet powerful on-premise IP-PBX. The sleek, pint-sized, solid state device supports 20 extensions and offers the full range of snom ONE telephony features, as well as complete support for the award-winning snom IP desktop and wireless phones.

Keeping up with the demands of sustainability, the snom ONE mini is based on a low-power, high-performance ARM processor, ensuring significant energy savings compared to traditional IP-PBXs. Requiring less than 60 kWh per year, compared to 876 kWh per year for a PC based IP-PBX, the snom ONE mini is the clear winner when it comes to efficient power utilization.

Energy saving Fully compatible Future proof

Equipped with Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, the device can be powered by an external power supply or via PoE to minimize cabling. Furthermore, the "Solid State" design of the device means no moving parts thereby increasing the stability of the system and reducing noise pollution in the small office environment.

Fully compliant to the SIP standard, the snom ONE mini is able to support a large range of compatible devices and services. When used in combination with snom phones, the snom ONE mini can further provide advanced features such as automatic device setup and emulated shared line appearance. The snom ONE mini can also provide PSTN termination in conjunction with SIP-based PSTN gateways or through service providers that provide SIP trunks over the Internet.

With the advantage of having Linux as its Operating System, the snom ONE mini further provides administrators the flexibility to install additional services such as VPN, DHCP server and VLAN to customize the device according to their specific needs. To further ensure technology longevity, the snom ONE mini comes equipped with IPv6 support from day one.

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Supported SIP phones:
snom SIP phone