XORCOM Products

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XORCOM - CompletePBX

CompletePBX is available in various configurations, depending on the size, connectivity and communications requirements of your organization.

CXE/CXT Series - Standard Business Telephony
CXR Series - Standard Business Telephony
CXE/CXT Series - Enhanced Business Telephony
CXE/CXT Series - Enhanced Business Telephony

XORCOM - Video Conference

Multi-point Video Conferencing Solutions

Multi-point high quality video and voice conferencing capability in open source IP PBX brings cost-effective functionality to small and medium sized businesses

The Xorcom video conferencing series is comprised of integrated, multi-point video and voice conferencing solutions. It includes four lines:

Orion VX2000 Orion VX2000 - HD stand-alone video conferencing appliance with desktop sharing; supports up to 8 simultaneous conferences with 29 participants each
Orion VX1000 Orion VX1000 - HD stand-alone video conferencing appliance with desktop sharing; supports up to 4 simultaneous conferences with 29 participants each
XV3000 XV3000 – a video conferencing platform bundled into a Xorcom high-end IP-PBX

Xorcom High-Availability IPPBX

TwinStar CompletePBX Server Redundancy

Award-winning solution providing rapid failover for the entire CompletePBX telephony solution

The TwinStar configuration (P/N CTS2000, CTS3000, CXTS3000 or CTS4000) is a bundled product, comprised of two module-less servers, based on the Xorcom CXE series IP-PBX, that have been optimized for use as a failover system.

TwinStar System Description

TwinStar provides full redundancy for a complete PBX system, including telephony interfaces. A sophisticated automatic replication and detection mechanism located in the Astribank detects server failure and switches all telephony to the backup server, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum. The firmware-based switching mechanism is not network-dependent.

How to Determine the Right TwinStar Redundant Server Configuration for Your Implementation

The servers used in the TwinStar configuration are either the CXE2000, the CXE3000, the CXT3000 or the CXE4000. The first meets the requirements of smaller installations, supporting up to 200 users and 45 concurrent calls. The second and third are more robust, supporting up to 1000 users and 480 concurrent calls. The latter is meets the highest call volume requirements, supporting up to 1500 users and 750 concurrent calls. To complete the configuration, select the relevant Astribank model(s) based on the telephony interface requirement (the number of analog and digital ports and trunks to be supported). The easiest way to determine the configuration is by using the PBX Configuration Wizard.

TwinStar CompletePBX Server Redundancy
Two identical CompletePBX servers are connected via USB 2.0 to an Astribank. The Astribank firmware replicates the server data in real time, performs failure checks, and switches all telephony control to the backup server, if necessary.