ZONE Auto Dialer Services

ZONE Auto Dialer (Predictive Dialer), is a computer platform that can automatically dial a list of phone numbers and connect the call to call center agents when the call is answered. It eliminates the human mistake in dialing and keeps the customer's information stored in the system in order to keep privacy or customer's information.

In general, if a person manually dial 1000 numbers, the ratio of contacted customers is not significant. Usually there are only about 25-35 % connected to the client in 1000 phone calls. And a large number (usually 40-60%) will be no answer, about 10% may be the answering machine, fax machine, modem or other electronic device. about 5% is busy, the rest will lead to network error, or determined to be invalid number. As a result, in the manual dialing environment, the sales will be about 80 % of the time waiting for the phone rings, someone calls , or invalid numbers , or answering machine , which will inevitably bring a huge waste.

By using ZONE Auto Dialer, sales will not wait for the phone rings. Each call will be answered. Sales can take an average of about 80 % of the time to communicate with customers, only about 20 % of the time in the next call waiting, before reaching 300% compared to the growth.

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