ZONE Fax2Email (F2E) Services

Receive inbound faxes right to your email inbox!
With Fax2Email, you can have inbound faxes delivered right to your email inbox! F2E provides you with a personal fax number that receives faxes from any fax machine. You can also set your account preferences to have inbound faxes delivered to up to two separate email addresses, at no extra cost. With Fax2Email, inbound faxes will be delivered to your email and/or Web inbox as file attachment. You can then save the fax, print it out, delete it, or forward it to someone else.

No more paper jams, lost faxes, or busy signals
Say goodbye to clunky fax machines, expensive phone lines and paper jams. Fax2Email, enable you to send and receive faxes hassle-free directly to/from your desktop, laptop, or PDA. Save time and money!

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