VoIP Consultancy and Implementation

Voice-over-ip (voip) systems are notable for enhanced features, flexibility and potential cost savings. The convergence of voice and data brings a new suite of applications with high inter-operability and portability. In practice, this technology is widely adopted in call center, ivr, pbx, conferencing, fax and various CTI applications. Nowadays, numerous software and hardware already conform to SIP (session initiation protocol), the industry standard of voip communications. In that sense, your choice of voip deployment is not locked up to vendors, more important is the people who knows how to implement voip and make them work for you in the best way.

ZONETEL has solid experience in voip implementation of different scales and industries. We are not simply reselling voip hardware. More precisely, we focus on total solutions, including bandwidth, DID SIP trunks, hardware and applications, that address your business requirements. They could be your ivr-based reservation system, telemarketing systems with predictive dialing and voice recordings or your call center with integration with existing IT systems and many more.

Our professional team would understand your requirements and work out the appropriate solutions.

For further information, please contact us at sales@zonetel.com.